BELOW : The TAMA Superstar Classic Maple  plus ISTANBUL AGOP Cymbals I've used for the "WAITING FOR MIRACLES" european tour.


The configuration I use may change from project to project, but usually I use a 22" or 20" bass drum, with 8",10",12" rack toms and 14",16" floor toms.
Where available I ask to the amazing people at TAMA for a set of two 6" octobans and a 20" gong drum.
I usually use two snare drums; the main one would be a 14"x5,5" with metal shell  (Bronze and Brass shells are my favourite!) and the side snare would be a 12" or even a 10" in any material, even tho I would prefer again the metal shell. 
I always bring a wooden snare as backup drum in case the venue acoustic would require a less bright tone. 
My personal snares collection includes a bunch of different Tama models, several Bell Brass custom made for me, from Oriollo and Guven Bronz Metal, and standard DW, Ludwig, VK Drums, and Pearl as well.

At my studio I use my TAMA STAR WALNUT (which also includes 18" and 24" bass drums and a 13" rack tom to change for different sessions) and TAMA STARCLASSIC BUBINGA KOA Limited Edition as 'house kit'.  

My bass drum pedal 'to go' is the Dyna Sync HPDS1TW.

All the hardware and accessories are made by TAMA.




The majority of the cymbals I tend to use (in studio and live) comes mainly from the TRADITIONAL line and the XIST Brilliant line.


VIC FIRTH Drumsticks

I mainly play 5B Barrel on which Vic Firth put my signature, but for heavier songs I often use 2B, 3A or STL models.

REMO Drumheads

90% of times I end to use Emperor or Ambassador Coated drumheads (even I prefer the Ambassadors) on all my toms, snares and octobans. As bottom for my toms and snares I use Ambassador Clears (hazy for snares). On the bass drum I use Powerstroke 3 Clear or Coated (I prefer the Coateds), Powerstroke 3 Ebony as reso. On the Gong Drum I would use Emperor or Pinstripe or Powerstroke 3, Coated or Clear.

My in-ear are the SHURE SE215

I also use various percussions from different companies which I don't endorse.



Front view of the 
"WAITING FOR MIRACLES" european tour kit.

BRONZE, my favourite metal to play!

Some pics of the instruments I use in studio and live.

My dear friend, your support would be very appreciated :)