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Lezioni - Lessons


Le mie lezioni di batteria si tengono presso il mio studio in provincia di Napoli.

Lezioni a distanza tramite ZOOM e SKYPE (anche WHATSAPP) sono sempre disponibili.

Info & contatti:

Facebook @mirkodemaio
Email mail@mirkodemaio.com



I mainly live teach in my studio in Naples, Italy,  but remote lessons with ZOOM and SKYPE (and even WHATSAPP) are always available!

Infos & contacts:

Facebook @mirkodemaio
Email mail@mirkodemaio.com

You would receive my invite to join my room
Download SKYPE and I will add you on my list
Download WHATSAPP, then you will receive a phone number to add on your contacts' list

Cool Drum Fills 
in 1 minute!


This is a series of quick videos (1 minute long each!) I've created years a go (indeed I had different gear).
You can learn drum fills, grooves and ideas in 1 minute, and don't worry, they are EASY!



My dear friend, your support would be very appreciated :)